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Todays Proceedings:  Greenbelt as of 10/20/2014 5:38:15 AM
Judge Proceedings
Barnett 9:30 AM Bench Trial
Eun O. Kim v. Parcel K- Tudor Hall Farm LLC
MAB 09-1572
Courtroom: 2B
Chasanow 9:00 AM Other
Day 8:00 AM Andrews Air Force Docket
DiGirolamo 9:00 AM Park Police - Collaterals & Trials
Courtroom: 2A

1:30 PM Detention Hearing
USA v. David J. Jackson
TMD 14-po-8587
Courtroom: 2A
Grimm 9:00 AM Rearraignment
USA v. Benjamin Bray
PWG 13-0680

2:30 PM Sentencing
USA v. Georgia Smith
PWG 13-322
Courtroom: 4B
Messitte 12:00 PM Naturalizations
PJM Presiding
Courtroom: 4C

2:00 PM Motions Hearing
Fakhri v. Marriott International
PJM 14-840
Courtroom: 4C
Schulze 10:00 AM Routine Criminal
Courtroom: 3A

11:30 AM Initial Appearance
US v Serifido Trinidad Perez-Florian
PWG 14-0396
Courtroom: 3A

12:00 PM Arraignment(s)
US v Jason Williams
PJM 14-0466
Courtroom: 3A
Titus 9:00 AM Sentencing
USA v. Zhenchun Huang
RWT 07-0131
Courtroom: 2C

10:00 AM Other
No Proceedings
Courtroom: 2C

1:00 PM Violation of Supervised Release Hearing
USA v. Torray Robert James
RWT 12-0177
Courtroom: 2C

2:30 PM Sentencing
USA v. Glen Everric McRae
RWT 12-0651
Courtroom: 2C