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Court Calendar
Baltimore: Week of 10/12/2015
Monday - 12 Tuesday - 13 Wednesday - 14 Thursday - 15 Friday - 16
Courtroom: 5D
10:00 AM Preliminary Injunct Hrg
Aurora Holdings VII, LLC v. Gardner et al. - RDB-15-2825

11:00 AM Other
USA v. Paul Carpa - RDB-11-0152

3:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Darryl Green - RDB-14-0522

10:00 AM Motions Hearing
USA v. Jermal McCoy - RDB-15-0342

10:00 AM Motions Hearing
USA v. Adedeji Ajala - RDB-14-0441

3:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Phillip Thomas McGowans - RDB-15-021

10:00 AM Motions Hearing
USA v. Jenifer, et al. - RDB-14-0411
Courtroom: Ceremonial

No Proceedings
Courtroom: 7D
10:00 AM Trial Jury - Criminal
CCB-11-0569, USA v. Danilo Garcia, Roy Clay

No ProceedingsNo Proceedings9:00 AM Vio. Supervised Release
CCB-03-0214, USA v. Stanley Harper

10:00 AM Trial Jury - Civil
CCB-11-0569, USA v. Danilo Garcia and Roy Clay

9:30 AM Sentencing Hearing
CCB-13-0647, USA v. Roy Tolbert

10:30 AM Initial Appear/Arraign
CCB-15-0489, USA v. B.R.B., Inc. and SHIYA, Inc.

Courtroom: 3D
11:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
JKB-14-0356 - USA v. Christopher Johnson

2:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
JKB-15-0366 - USA v. Albert A. Firlie

2:00 PM Vio. Supervised Release
JKB-11-0605 - USA v. Joseph Padro Hill, Jr.

3:00 PM Rearraignment
JKB-15-0475 - USA v. Bernard Lawson

11:00 AM Rearraignment
JKB-15-0259 - USA v. Jacoby Sampson

3:00 PM Rearraignment
JKB-15-0405 - USA v. Maria Feliz-Pichardo

No Proceedings
CoulsonHoliday9:00 AM Routine Criminal
Courtroom: 7B

No ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings
Courtroom: 7B
9:00 AM Routine Criminal

No ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings9:30 AM Court CVB: Fort Meade
Fort Meade
Courtroom: 7C

Courtroom: 5C
Holiday10:00 AM Motions Hearing
MJG-15-950 Estate of Arturo Alvarez, et al. v. Hopkins Hopkins University, et al.

2:15 PM Sentencing Hearing
MJG-15-0136 USA v. Michael Eugene Aldridge

2:15 PM Rearraignment
MJG-15-0302 USA v. Jarrod Terrell Hazelton

No ProceedingsNo Proceedings
Courtroom: 7B
HolidayNo Proceedings9:00 AM Routine Criminal

9:00 AM Routine Criminal

9:00 AM Routine Criminal

Courtroom: 5B
HolidayNo Proceedings2:30 PM Vio. Supervised Release
ELH-15-0402, United States v. Roxanna Mitchell

No Proceedings10:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
ELH-14-0543, United States v. Raynard Anderson

Courtroom: 5A
2:30 PM Vio. Supervised Release
JFM-11-0526 USA v. Yancy White

10:00 AM Rearraignment
USA v. Austin Andrews JFM-15-0118

10:30 AM Vio. Supervised Release
BEL-02-032 USA v. Frank Keith

10:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Devin Ross JFM-15-079

No Proceedings
Courtroom: 3A
Holiday1:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
WDQ 14-cr-0122 USA v. Tavon Hall

No Proceedings9:30 AM Sentencing Hearing
WDQ 15-cr-0130 USA v. Adolfo Perez Sanchez

1:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
WDQ 13-cr-035 USA v. Karen Kimble

No Proceedings
Courtroom: 7A
9:30 AM Trial Bench
Amanda Manning v. USA, GLR-13-1852

9:30 AM Trial Bench
Amanda Manning v. USA, GLR-13-1852

9:30 AM Trial Bench
Amanda Manning v. USA, GLR-13-1852

9:30 AM Trial Bench
Amanda Manning v. USA, GLR-13-1852

10:30 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Ernest Thomas GLR-13-0666