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Court Calendar
Baltimore: Week of 9/5/2016
Monday - 5 Tuesday - 6 Wednesday - 7 Thursday - 8 Friday - 9
Courtroom: 5D
Holiday11:00 AM VOSR Hearing
USA v. Ogunkile - RDB-09-0548

12:00 PM Rearraignment
USA v. Robert Brown - RDB-16-0212

2:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Darius Spence - RDB-15-0541

10:00 AM VOSR Hearing
USA Nikwan Barnett Noel - RDB-05-0420

11:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Kenneth Dixon - RDB-15-0541

2:30 PM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Jeremy Fuller - RDB-11-0484

11:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Dion Moore - RDB-16-010

3:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Alvin Colvin - RDB-16-010

11:00 AM Rearraignment
United States v. Adrian Spence - RDB-15-0541

Courtroom: 7D
Holiday2:15 PM Rearraignment
CCB-15-043, CCB-15-0550 USA v. Tavon Slowe

No Proceedings9:30 AM Sentencing Hearing
CCB-14-0334, USA v. James Bryant

11:00 AM Motions Hearing
CCB-15-0399, USA v. Jacques Agent

No Proceedings
Courtroom: 3D
Holiday10:00 AM Rearraignment
JKB-16-0129 - USA v. Tavon Holmes

12:00 PM Rearraignment
JKB-14-0219 - Allen Jeffrey Maxson

4:15 PM Sentencing Hearing
JKB-15-0648 - USA v. Alvin Gabriel Arciaga

2:30 PM Motions Hearing
JKB-15-0462 - USA v. Raymond Idemudia Aigbekaen

No Proceedings10:00 AM Pretrial Conference
JKB-15-0462 - USA v. Marcell Greene, et al.

3:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
JKB-15-0518 - USA v. Terrell Tucker-Jones

CoulsonHolidayNo Proceedings10:00 AM Motions Hearing
Topline Solutions, Inc. v. Sandler Systems, Inc., 09-cv-3102
Courtroom: TBD

No ProceedingsNo Proceedings
Courtroom: 7B
Holiday9:00 AM Routine Criminal

9:00 AM Routine Criminal

9:00 AM Routine Criminal

9:00 AM Court CVB: Fort Meade
Ft. Meade collateral docket
Courtroom: 7C

12:00 PM Naturalizations
Courtroom: Ceremonial

9:00 AM Routine Criminal

Courtroom: 5C
HolidayNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings11:30 AM Rearraignment
MJG-16-0026 USA v. Taft Redd

10:00 AM Motions Hearing
MJG-16-0258 USA v. Republic National Distributing Company, LLC, et al.

Courtroom: 7B
HolidayNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings
Courtroom: 5A
HolidayNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings9:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Charles Coleman JFM-14-0420

9:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Gary Scott Conway JFM-15-0467

Courtroom: 7A
HolidayNo Proceedings11:30 AM IA/ARR/Rule11
USA v. Rudi Romero-Posada, GLR-16-0330

9:30 AM Motions Hearing/PTC
USA v. Reddy Annappareddy GLR-13-0374

No Proceedings