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Baltimore: Week of 7/25/2016
Monday - 25 Tuesday - 26 Wednesday - 27 Thursday - 28 Friday - 29
AndersonNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings8:30 AM Court CVB: Aberdeen
Courtroom: Aberdeen

No Proceedings
Courtroom: 5D
3:00 PM Rearraignment
USA v. Odere Razak Suleitopa, RDB-16-0168

3:00 PM Rearraignment
USA v. Frank Carter - RDB-16-338

10:00 AM Motions Hearing
USA v. Richard Byrd - RDB-14-0186

10:00 AM Fairness Hearing
Bergman v. DAP Products Inc. - RDB-14-3205

3:00 PM VOSR Hearing
USA v. Ramone Vargas, RDB-15-0325

10:00 AM Motions Hearing
EEOC v. Baltimore County, et al. - RDB-07-2500

Courtroom: 7D
11:00 AM Rearraignment
CCB-16-0130, USA v. Carl Henderson

2:30 PM Rearraignment
CCB-15-0468, USA v. Quintana Davis

3:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
CCB-14-0302, USA v. Kesa Baker

No Proceedings11:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
CCB-14-0412, USA v. William Crittenden

12:00 PM Show Cause Hrg
CCB-16-1088, USA v. Saul Cervantes

Courtroom: 3D
No ProceedingsNo Proceedings4:00 PM Rearraignment
JKB-15-0216 - USA v. Daniel Hill

2:00 PM Motions Hearing
JKB-16-0363 - USA v. Gerald Johnson

9:30 AM Status Conference
JKB-16-2657 - Ocean Partners USA, Inc. v. 9,174 NT of Bulk Zinc Calcine

Courtroom: 7B
No ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings9:30 AM Court CVB: Fort Meade
Ft. Meade
Courtroom: 7C

Coulson1:30 PM Detention Hearing
USA v. Benjie Montalban JKB-16-292-2
Courtroom: 7C

No ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings
Courtroom: 5C
No ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings2:00 PM Motions Hearing
MJG-16-355 David C. Rockwell, et ux. v. USA

Courtroom: 7B
10:00 AM Routine Criminal

10:00 AM Routine Criminal

10:00 AM Routine Criminal

10:00 AM Routine Criminal

10:00 AM Routine Criminal

HazelNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings2:00 PM Sentencing Hearing
GJH 14-0465 USA v. Tracey Ann Garrison
Courtroom: 3C

Courtroom: 5B
No ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo ProceedingsNo Proceedings11:30 AM Sentencing Hearing
ELH-15-0586, United States v. Alysia Rascoe

2:00 PM Initial Appear/Arraign
ELH-16-254, United States v. Miguel Angel Pedraza

Courtroom: 5A
No ProceedingsNo Proceedings9:30 AM Motions Hearing
USA v. Joseph Davis JFM-16-066

10:30 AM Rearraignment
US v. Adebola Adeniyi - JFM-15-421

9:30 AM Arraignment/Rule 11
U.S. v. Issah Mohammed - JFM-14-600

10:00 AM Sentencing Hearing
USA v. Matthew White JFm-14-0511

Chambers Judge:    Blake, Catherine C.