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Name Title Location Telephone
K'Shaani Smith Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-2687
Karen Warren SecretaryBaltimore 410-962-0764
Karen Moye Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3836
Karyl Doram-Mitchell SecretaryGreenbelt 301-344-0627
Kathy Vockroth Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-7814
Kathy Chiarizia Appeals & Transcripts ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3104
Kathy Chiarizia Jury/Naturalizations ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3104
Katie Ridgeway Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-4029
Katie Nader Case AdministratorGreenbelt 301-344-3102
Katina Tyson Courtroom Services SupervisorGreenbelt 301-344-3114
Kay Owens Intake & Records WorkleaderBaltimore 410-962-3923
Keisha Lynch Property & Procurement TechnicianBaltimore 410-962-3793
Kelly Saah Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3125
Ken Sitton Financial TechnicianBaltimore 410-962-3492
Kendra West Case AdministratorGreenbelt 301-344-3321
Kenneth Sheain Operations AnalystBaltimore 410-962-4655
Kiara Snipes CJA TechnicianBaltimore 410-962-4674
Kim Berger Supervising Staff AttorneyBaltimore 410-962-3278
Kirstin Maguire Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3220
Kris Foster SecretaryBaltimore 410-962-7853
Kyle Virtue Law ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3504