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Name Title Location Telephone
Felicia Cannon Clerk of CourtBaltimore 410-962-2600
Donna Carey I.T. SpecialistBaltimore 410-962-4038
Deborah K. Chasanow District JudgeGreenbelt 301-344-0634
Kathy Chiarizia Appeals & Transcripts ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3104
Kathy Chiarizia Jury/Naturalizations ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3104
Barbara Childs SecretaryBaltimore 410-962-3220
Theodore D. Chuang District JudgeGreenbelt 301-344-3982
David Ciambruschini Attorney AdvisorBaltimore 410-962-3228
Adair Clarke Pro Se Staff AttorneyBaltimore 410-962-3279
Mary Ellen Claypoole SecretaryBaltimore 410-962-0782
Mark Clifford Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3220
Christine M. Collins SecretaryGreenbelt 301-344-0052
William Connelly Chief Magistrate JudgeGreenbelt 301-344-0627
Brett Cook Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-7438
Catherine Cooper Law ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-0632
J. Mark Coulson Magistrate JudgeBaltimore 410-962-4953
Donna Cowan SecretaryBaltimore 410-962-4288
Chelsea Crawford Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-0801
Brian Crook Law ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-0630
Valerie Cusatis SecretaryBaltimore 410-962-0950