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Name Title Location Telephone
Kelly Saah Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3125
Stephanie Savoy Appeals & Transcripts ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3928
Susan Schipper Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3289
Jillyn K. Schulze Magistrate JudgeGreenbelt 301-344-0630
Dee Schwarzmann Property & Procurement TechnicianGreenbelt 301-344-3626
Robin Shea SecretaryGreenbelt 301-344-0632
Kenneth Sheain Operations AnalystBaltimore 410-962-4655
Rita Sigona Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3124
Shari Silver Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-0801
Ken Sitton Financial TechnicianBaltimore 410-962-3492
Denise Skinner Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3451
Martina Smith Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3837
K'Shaani Smith Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-2687
Roxanne Smith CVB ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3225
Kiara Snipes CJA TechnicianBaltimore 410-962-4674
Elizabeth B. Snowden Chief DeputyBaltimore 410-962-2600
Jackie Sovich Admin. Ct. ReporterBaltimore 410-962-4537
Tina Stavrou Human Resources AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3552
Eric Steinhart Law ClerkBaltimore 410-962-0786
Sheryl Suiter SecretarySalisbury 410-749-7990
Timothy J. Sullivan Magistrate JudgeGreenbelt 301-344-3593