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Clerk's Office - Case Administration

Ames, Brian Case Administration WorkleaderGreenbelt 301-344-3106
Byrd, Justin Intake/Docket ClerkBaltimore 410-962-0993
Chiarizia, Kathy Appeals & Transcripts ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3104
Counter, Intake Baltimore 410-962-6792
Counter, Intake Greenbelt 301-344-3329
Dziopa, Andrew Case AdministratorGreenbelt 301-344-3114
Finney, Agnes Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-4029
Francis, Joi Intake/Docket ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3119
Gibson, Claudia Case Administration ManagerBaltimore 410-962-3854
Hilberg, Briana Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3937
Lee, Holly Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3983
Lewis, Jennifer Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3862
Lockhart, Angela Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3562
Migliore, Ashley Case AdministratorGreenbelt 301-344-0640
Nader, Katie Case AdministratorGreenbelt 301-344-3102
Otto, Amanda Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3887
Owens, Kay Intake & Records WorkleaderBaltimore 410-962-3923
Price, Megan Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3858
Savoy, Stephanie Appeals & Transcripts ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3928
Skinner, Denise Case AdministratorBaltimore 410-962-3451
Smith, Roxanne Case AdministratorGreenbelt 301-344-3225