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Clerk's Office - Courtroom Services

Alexander, Reggie CVB ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3127
Davis, Stephen Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3808
Derro, Theresa Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3105
Goldsmith, Howard Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3692
Hatcher, Camille Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3838
Herndon, Jakiba Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3789
Ionetz, Jessica Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3108
Karaska, Robert Courtroom Services SupervisorBaltimore 410-962-3767
Klein, Jill Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3601
Lunkin, Cornel CVB ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3832
Mitter, Nadine CVB ClerkBaltimore 410-962-3986
Morris, Grace Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3107
Moye, Karen Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3836
Peterson, Ella Stallings Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3128
Saah, Kelly Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3125
Sigona, Rita Courtroom DeputyGreenbelt 301-344-3124
Smith, Martina Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3837
Smith, Roxanne CVB ClerkGreenbelt 301-344-3225
Thompson, Pete Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-3732
Tyson, Katina Courtroom Services SupervisorGreenbelt 301-344-3114
Vockroth, Kathy Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-7814
Waryu, Jill Courtroom DeputyBaltimore 410-962-7896