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If I am filing objections or other papers on behalf of a non-party, do I need to have“local” or “resident” counsel (i.e., counsel who is a member of the bar of this court)?

No. You may complete the pro hac vice motion for MDL 1586 posted under “Policies and Publications - Forms” on the court’s website (crossing out 1586 and inserting 1539 instead) and fax or mail it to: Attorney Admissions Coordinator, United States District Court, 101 West Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21201, fax no. 410-962-2629. No fee is required. You must also complete and fax or send in by mail the Electronic Case Filing registration form attached to the pro hac vice motion. You will be issued (by e:mail) a login and password for electronic filing within 24 hours. If you have been admitted pro hac vice in another MDL and already have an ECF login and password issued by this court, you may use that login and password to file electronically in MDL 1539 without filing another pro hac vice motion.
How do I file a motion, response, or other document on behalf of someone who is not a party to MDL 1539?

You should follow the instructions in the Electronic Filing Requirements and Procedures manual available on the court’s web site along with the following special instructions. These instructions apply only to the first time that you file something. When prompted to “Select the Filer” check to verify that your client is not already a party by scrolling through the list of parties. If your client’s name does not appear, click on Add/Create New Party. You will be prompted to search all of the parties in the CM/ECF system by entering a last or business name. If your client’s name is on the list you may click on it. If not click on Create New Party. Enter your client’s first and last names. If your client is a business, enter the entire name in the last name field. Do not enter an address. Click on the Role box and select your client’s role (for example Objector). Then click on Submit. You will be taken back to the Select Filer screen and may now select your client from the party list. You will receive a message that an attorney/party relationship does not exist between you and your client. You must check the box to create the association in order to enter your appearance and receive electronic notification of future filings.