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Microsoft  Opinions
Date Posted Date Signed Description URL
3/30/20103/30/2010Novell, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp P
6/29/20066/29/2006Opinion in GO Computers, Inc. v. Microsoft P
1/4/200612/29/2005Dismissing South Carolina claim, Walsh v. Microsoft (overcharge case)P
11/3/200511/2/2005Granting motion to dismiss in Mark v. Microsoft Corp. P
8/24/20058/19/2005Certifying Issues for Interlocutory Appeal - Novell v. Microsoft P
6/14/20056/10/2005Granting in part and Denying in part Microsoft's Motion to Dismiss Novell's Complaint P
6/7/20056/3/2005Granting Motion to Remand in Peek v. Arkansas (Overcharge case) P
4/20/20054/18/2005In re Microsoft Antitrust Litigation P
8/26/20048/23/2004Denying motion to remand and granting motion for voluntary non-suit on Arkansas claims (overcharge cases)P
6/24/20046/22/2004Reconsidering patent claims construction (Burst case) P
3/12/20043/12/2004Construing patent claims (Burst case) P
11/12/200311/4/2003Denying class certification: non-end users (overcharge cases) P
9/5/20038/22/2003Dismissing Mississippi antitrust claim (overcharge cases) P
7/31/20037/28/2003Reconsidering class certification: end users (overcharge cases)P
8/6/20037/21/2003Dismissing California unfair competition counterclaim (Sun case) P
7/31/20036/6/2003Dismissing essential facility/monopoly leveraging claims (overcharge cases)P
7/31/20035/9/2003Granting interlocutory appeal of collateral estoppel ruling (overcharge and competitor cases)P
7/31/20035/7/2003Denying summary judgment re Vermont Consumer Fraud Act claim (overcharge cases)P
7/31/20034/14/2003Granting limited class certification: end users (overcharge cases)P
7/31/20031/27/2003Dismissing various state law claims (overcharge cases)P
7/31/200312/31/2002Remanding West Virginia claims (overcharge cases)P
7/31/200312/23/2002Granting "must carry" injunction re Java platform (Sun case)P
7/31/200311/4/2002Addressing collateral estoppel issues (overcharge and competitor cases)P
7/31/20031/11/2002Disapproving proposed settlement (overcharge cases)P
7/31/20039/28/2001Denying motion to amend claims against OEMs (overcharge cases)P
7/31/20031/12/2001Dismissing claims against OEMs (overcharge cases)P
7/31/20031/12/2001Addressing Illinois Brick, foreign purchaser, and removal issues (overcharge cases)P