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Summary of The District of Maryland Semi-Annual Report On Pending Motions, Bench Trials, Three-Year Old Civil Cases, Bankruptcy and Social Security Appeals as of 3/31/2014

District/Judge Total Motions Bench Trials Three-Year Civil Cases Bankruptcy Appeals Social Security Appeals
C. Bruce Anderson000000
Mark A. Barnett000000
Richard D. Bennett100100
Catherine C. Blake400400
James K. Bredar100100
Deborah K. Chasanow500500
William Connelly301200
Charles Bernard Day000000
Thomas M. DiGirolamo000000
Stephanie A. Gallagher000000
Marvin J. Garbis711500
Susan K. Gauvey000000
Beth P. Gesner000000
Paul W. Grimm000000
Ellen L. Hollander100100
Peter J. Messitte740300
J. Frederick Motz500500
William M. Nickerson200200
William D. Quarles, Jr.500500
George L. Russell III100100
Jillyn K. Schulze400004
Timothy J. Sullivan000000
Roger W. Titus100100
Alexander Williams, Jr.000000
District Total47523604