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Recent Opinions

Date Posted Date Signed Opinion Approved for Publication
5/28/20155/27/2015Haideh Hejazi v. Oliveri & Associates, LLCNo
5/22/20155/22/2015Christie Ademiluyi v. Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust Holdings I, LLC n/k/a/ Pennymac Holdings, LLCNo
5/21/20155/20/2015Ingrid M. Brown v. Target, Inc.No
5/18/20155/18/2015Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation v. Membrs First Federla Credit UnionNo
5/15/20155/14/2015Sutasinee Thana, et al. v. Board of License Commissioners for Charles County, Maryland, et al.Yes
5/13/20155/12/2015John P. Lafranchise v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.No
5/12/20155/11/2015United States of America v. Agustin Lopez-CollazoNo
5/11/20155/7/2015Desmond et al. v. Alliance Inc.No
5/8/20155/8/2015Landmark Equity Fund II, LLC v. Regina M. Dotson, et al.No
5/8/20155/8/2015Brandon Watson v. City of Aberdeen, et al.No
5/7/20155/7/2015Trimgen Corporation v. Iverson Genetic Diagnostics, Inc.No
5/7/20155/7/2015McDowell Building, LLC v. Zurich American Insurance Co.No
5/5/20155/4/2015USA v. Anes HadziefejzovicNo
5/5/20155/5/2015Tiffany Jones v. Family Health Centers of Baltimore, Inc., et al.Yes
5/1/20154/30/2015Alphonso Cummings v. Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.No
5/1/20154/30/2015Dynport Vaccine Co., LLC v. Lonza Biologics, Inc.No
4/24/20154/20/2015MHD-Rockland Inc. v. Aerospace Distributors Inc.Yes
4/23/20154/22/2015ANS Food Market v. United States of AmericaNo
4/23/20154/22/2015LBCMT 2007-C3 Urbana Pike, LLC, et al. v. Eric D. Sheppard, et al.No
4/22/20154/22/2015Joseph D. Plantholt, et al. v. Lowe's Home Centers, LLCNo
4/21/20154/21/2015Harbourt et al. v. PPE Casino Resorts Maryland, LLCNo
4/21/20154/21/2015American Computer Development, Inc. v. McKinley-Ross CorporationNo
4/14/20154/9/2015Darrah Lyles v. United States of AmericaNo
4/14/20154/9/2015Catherine Denise Randolph v. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. Department of JusticeNo
4/14/20154/14/2015Schneider Elec. Bldgs. Critical Systems, Inc. v. Western Surety Co.Yes