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Recent Opinions

Date Posted Date Signed Opinion Approved for Publication
7/29/20157/28/2015Awal Mohammed v. United States of AmericaNo
7/27/20157/27/2015Pelino, et al. v. Ward Manufacturing, LLCNo
7/27/20157/22/2015Marcella Holloman v. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, et al.No
7/24/20157/24/2015Hatami v. HatamiNo
7/24/20157/24/2015United States of America v. Hatratico SmithNo
7/24/20157/24/2015Donald J. Lowe, et al. v. FDICNo
7/24/20157/16/2015Zackery C. Tyndall v. The Berlin Fire Company, et al.No
7/24/20157/24/2015Tawanda Jones, et al. v. Nicholas David Chapman, et al.No
7/22/20157/22/2015StemCells, Inc., et al. v. Neuralstem, Inc., et al.Yes
7/20/20154/29/2015Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Co., Ltd., et al. v. Okin America, Inc., et al.Yes
7/20/20157/17/2015Angela Schneider v. Ed's Marine Superstore, Inc., et al.No
7/17/20157/17/2015Gavin Class v. Towson UniversityNo
7/16/20157/16/2015State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company v. Old Republic Insurance Company, et al.No
7/15/20157/15/2015Brian Nichols v. Carriage House Condominiums at Perry Hall Farms, Inc., et al.No
7/14/20157/14/2015United States of America v. Rafael ChikvashviliYes
7/13/20157/13/2015William Minton v. Warden Kathleen Green, et al.Yes
7/8/20157/7/2015Craig Myles v. Rent-A-Center, Inc., et al.No
7/8/20157/8/2015Rico Lamont Bias v. Untied States of AmericaNo
7/7/20155/8/2015Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Co., Ltd., et al. v. Okin America, Inc., et al.Yes
7/6/20157/6/2015JPMorgan Chase Funding Inc., et al. v. Joel I. SherNo
7/2/20157/2/2015Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. et al. v. Craig RichardsNo
7/2/20157/2/2015Tynan Smith, et al. v. Union Carbide Corp., et al.No
6/30/20156/29/2015Coalition for Equity and Excellence in Maryland Higher Education, et al. v. Maryland Higher Education Commission, et al.No
6/30/20156/30/2015Khalilah Johnson v. United Parcel Service, Inc., et al.No
6/30/20156/30/2015Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe Subscriber Assigned IP Address