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Recent Opinions

Date Posted Date Signed Opinion Approved for Publication
11/20/201411/20/2014Evan G. Ford et al. v. Karpathoes, Inc. et al.No
11/20/201411/18/2014Blanch v. Chubb & Son., Inc.No
11/18/201411/18/2014Century Metal Recycling Private Limited v. Metal Worldwide, Inc., et al.No
11/18/201411/10/2014Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe, Subscriber Assigned IP Address
11/18/201411/18/2014Mayor and City Council of Baltimore v. Unisys CorporationYes
11/14/201411/12/2014United States of America v. One 2012 Honda Accord, VIN 1HGCS1B82CA009993No
11/14/201411/12/2014Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners v. Warren-Ehret Company Of Maryland, Inc. et al.No
11/13/201411/13/2014Natural Product Solutions, LLC v. Vitaquest International, LLC, et al.No
11/12/201411/12/2014Richard Glenn v. CSX Transportation, Inc.No
11/6/201411/5/2014Paul M. Fischer et al v. ISE America, Inc.No
11/6/201411/6/2014Fundamental Administrative Services, LLC v. Kristi AndersonNo
11/6/201411/6/2014Fundamental Administrative Services, LLC v. Kristi AndersonNo
11/4/201411/4/2014Price et al. v. Berman's Automotive, Inc.No
11/3/201411/3/2014Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Inc. v. 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers EastNo
10/30/201410/30/2014Steven Kenneth Reed v. Deborah A. ReedNo
10/30/201410/30/2014Tamara P. Daniels v. NVR, Inc., t/a Ryan HomesYes
10/23/201410/23/2014Daniel L. Rockwell, et al. v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore, et al.No
10/21/201410/21/2014Harford Mutual Insurance Company v. CSX Transportation, Inc., et al.No
10/17/201410/15/2014Johnnie Butler v. United States of AmericaNo
10/15/201410/15/2014Key Tidewater Ventures, LLC, et al. v. PNC Bank, N.A.No
10/10/201410/10/2014Maureen Uche v. Montgomery Hospice, Inc.; Robert WashingtonNo
10/9/201410/9/2014Carlin Robinson et al. v. Daniel A. Lioi et al.No
10/9/201410/9/2014Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC v. 370.393 Acres, Mor or Less in Baltimore County, Maryland Located on Parcel Identification Number 20-00-013434, Owned by Stephen A. Williams and Christine C. Williams, et al.No
10/3/201410/3/2014Changzhou Kaidi Electical Co., Ltd., et al. v. Okin America, Inc., et al.No
10/2/20149/26/2014Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC v. Mangione Enterprises of Turf Valley, L.P.No