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Recent Opinions

Date Posted Date Signed Opinion Approved for Publication
1/30/20151/29/2015Walker-Pittman v. Maryland Department of Transportation, et al.No
1/29/20151/26/2015Teal Bay Alliances, LLC v. Southbound One, Inc.No
1/27/20151/27/2015Susan Skrzecz v. Gibson Island Corporation, et al.No
1/26/20151/26/2015United States of America v. $122,640 in U.S. CurrencyYes
1/22/20151/21/2015First Data Merchant Services Corporation, et al. v. SecurityMetrics, Inc.No
1/21/20152/20/2015Anthony Lewis, et al. v. The Baltimore Convention Center, et al.No
1/21/20151/21/2015Fancy Cats Rescue Team, Inc., et al. v. Charlotte Crenson, et al.No
1/20/20151/20/2015Angello A.D. Osborne v. Corporal Peter Giordades, LGSW Dione White, and Meredith Lynn PipitoneNo
1/15/20151/15/2015Dominique Preston v. United States of America, et al.No
1/15/20151/14/2015Maureen Uche v. Montgomery Hospice, Inc.; Robert WashingtonNo
1/15/20151/15/2015Helen Dale v. Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland Transit AdministrationNo
1/14/20151/13/2015American Home Assurance Co. v. KBE Building Corp.No
1/13/20151/13/2015Waverley View Investors, LLC v. United States of AmericaYes
1/13/20151/13/2015Melody Southard v. Wicomico County Board of EducationYes
1/12/20151/9/2015Turnkey Yacht Services, Inc. v. Sailing Vessel "Shearwater"No
1/9/201512/24/2014Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe, Subscriber Assigned IP Address
12/31/201412/31/2014Bancroft v. Goroff et al.No
12/30/201412/30/2014USA v. Arthur JeterNo
12/30/201412/30/2014First Data Merchant Services Corporation, et al. v. SecurityMetrics, Inc.No
12/24/201412/24/2014Enovative Technologies, LLC v. Gabriel Reuven LeorYes
12/23/201412/22/2014Darryle Smith, et al. v. Justin Aita et al.No
12/23/201412/23/2014MIchael Tankersley v. James W. Almand et al.No
12/22/201412/19/2014First Mercury Insurance Co. v. The Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company of Anne Arundel CountyNo
12/19/201412/19/2014Robert D. Thompson v. Naval Academy Athletic Association, et al.No
12/18/201412/18/2014Adriane Streiff v. Anne Arundel County Board of EducationNo