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E-Filing Registration


Only an active member in good standing of the bar of this Court of an attorney entitled by statute of Local Rule to practice without being a member of our bar may file electronically.  Electronic filing via CM/ECF by self-represented parties is not permitted.  Instead, self-represented litigants may submit documents for filing electronically through the Electronic Document Submission System (EDSS).  More information is available at Filing Without An Attorney Webpage.  

On February 14, 2022, the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland will convert to NextGen CM/ECF.  Beginning on Februray 14, 2022, attorneys must link their CM/ECF account to their PACER account in order to electronically file on CM/ECF.  After Februrary 14, 2022, attorneys who have not linked their PACER accounts will no longer be able to access CM/ECF.  

Instructions for linking your PACER and CM/ECF accounts:
If you have a PACER account created prior to August 11, 2014, please click here.  
If you have a PACER account created after August 11, 2014, please click here
If you do not have a PACER account, please click here
A detailed walkthrough of the linking process with screenshots is available here.

Attorneys for the federal government may enter special appearances and receive temporary e-filing access through PACER.  Additional information is available on our Special Appearance Webpage.  Attorneys admitted pro hac vice, including those admitted in multi-district litigation case, may also receive temporary e-filing access throught PACER.  Additional information is available on our Pro Hac Vice Admission Webpage.  Under no circumstances will e-filing be granted to paralegals, secretarties or other paraprofessionals.

Additional information for requesitng e-filing access to this Court is available through PACER.


PACER is a fee for use services offered by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.  It offers electronic access to records of most federal district, appellate, and bankruptcy courts.  The types of records available electronically will vary from court to court.  In almost all jurisdictions, docket sheets may be accessed.  Most documents electronically filed in civil cases may be viewed over the Internet by using PACER.  

When you access docket sheets or other documents over the Internet using PACER, there is a fee of $.10 per page.  This fee applies regardless of whether you simply view the document or download and save it.  There is a maximum charge of $3.00 per document.  

When a PACER user accesses a document for the first time via the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF), the user will not incur fees for accessing the newly filed document, but access to any hyperlinked document from within the original document will incur a fee.  When a PACER user accesses a document after the first look, or accesses it from a docket sheet, the user will be charged for the original document and any documents displayed when using a hyperlink.  If documents filed in the same transaction contain hyperlinks to each other, the free look will be available from the document number hyperlink displayed on the NEF document submenu, not from the hyperlinks in the documents themselves.  

Consent to Electronic Service

Registering for electronic filing credentials, consistutes consent to electronic service under the Federal Rules.  See Consent to Electronic Service.