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Notice of NextGen Implementation

Notice of NextGen Implementation

Attorneys, who do not have a PACER account must take the following steps to create their own individual PACER account and link their CM/ECF account to it. Shared PACER accounts can no longer be used in NextGen.

Creating a PACER Account

  • Please visit the following link
  • Select “Manage Your Account”
  • Select “Register for an Account”
  • Select “Attorney Filers”
  • Please review the instructions listed on the page
  • After review, select “Register for a PACER account”

Linking CM/ECF Account to PACER

Note: Attorneys can begin linking accounts on February 14, 2022.

  • Please visit the following link
  • Login with your current PACER username and password
  • Select “Utilities” from the Menu bar
  • Locate “Your Account”
  • Select the option “Link a CM/ECF account to my PACER account”