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Recent Opinions

Date Posted Date Signed Opinion Approved for Publication
5/27/20165/27/2016William G. Wood, et al. v. United States of America, et al.No
5/20/20165/19/2016Allen R. Dyer v. Maryland State Board of Education, et al.Yes
5/19/20165/19/2016Callwave Communications, LLC v. Telecommunications Systems, Inc.No
5/19/20165/19/2016Josephat Mua, et al. v. State of Maryland, et al.No
5/19/20165/20/2016Upper Bay Surgery Center, LLC v. Aetna Health and Life Ins. Co.No
5/18/20165/17/2016Phillip Ward, et al. v. Branch Banking & Trust CompanyNo
5/18/20165/18/2016Charles Mattison, Jr. v. Maryland Transit Administration, Maryland Department of Transportation, et al.No
5/18/20165/18/2016Charles Lemuel Arbogast, Jr., et al. v. A.W. Chesterton Co., et al.No
5/12/20165/12/2016United States of America v. Samuel SterlingNo
5/10/20165/10/2016Robert D. Thompson v. United States of AmericaNo
5/9/20165/6/2016Thomas E. Perez, Secretary of Labor, U.S. Department of Labor v. Ricardo Silva, et al.Yes
5/9/20165/9/2016Ronald G. Bailey-El v. The Housing Authority of Baltimore City, et al.Yes
5/5/20165/4/2016Dorothy F. Gardner, et al. v. United States of America, et al.Yes
5/5/20165/5/2016Emanuel M. Thompson, et al. v. Andrew Pretzello, et al.No
5/5/20165/5/2016Charles Lemuel Arbogast, Jr., et al. v. A. W. Chesterton Co., et al.No
5/2/20164/29/2016Darryle Smith, et al. v. Justin Aita, et al.No
5/2/20164/29/2016Andrew Wayne Bailey v. Budget Rent A Car System, Inc.No
4/28/20164/28/2016Hesman Tall v. The Partnership Development Group, Inc., et al.No
4/26/20164/26/2016Trudy Gaitwood v. Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, Inc., et al.No
4/25/20164/22/2016Brandon Watson v. City of Aberdeen, et al.No
4/25/20164/25/2016Gabrielle Doe v. The New Ritz, et al.No
4/21/20164/20/2016Janya Sawyer, et al. v. Union Carbide Corporation, et al.No
4/20/20164/20/2016Phyllis Martinez v. Conestoga TileNo
4/20/20164/20/2016Michael Bochenski v. M&T BankNo
4/19/20164/19/2016United States of America v. Rafael ChikvashviliNo