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Recent Opinions

Date Posted Date Signed Opinion Approved for Publication
2/8/20162/5/2016Brandon Kerrigan v. Board of Education of Carroll CountyNo
2/8/20162/5/2016Century Metal RecyclingNo
2/4/20162/4/2016Latonya Franklin v. Tri-County Council For The Lower Eastern Shore Of MarylandNo
2/2/20162/2/2016United States of America f/u/b/o Chasney and Company, Inc. v. Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co., et al.No
2/1/20161/28/2016Talon's Village, LLC v. Somerset County Sanitary District, Inc.No
2/1/20161/28/2016Go-Getters, Inc. v. Somerset County Sanitary District, Inc.No
2/1/20161/28/2016Riesha Williams v. Dee Miracle Auto Group, LLC, et al.No
2/1/20161/29/2016United States of America v. Omar HanceNo
2/1/20162/1/2016Augusta Thomas, Jr. v. Delmarva Power & Light CompanyNo
2/1/20162/1/2016Juan Miguel Goenechea v. Jonathan Marc DavidoffNo
1/29/20161/28/2016Steven Malinowski, et al. v. The Lichter Group, LLCYes
1/29/20161/28/2016Plum House IV, Inc. v. Wells Fargo Merchant Services, LLC, et al.No
1/29/20161/21/2016Lauren Searls v. Johns Hopkins HospitalNo
1/22/20161/21/2016Malibu Media v. John DoeNo
1/15/20161/15/2016Julie A. Gaskins v. Baltimore City Public Schools, et al.No
1/11/20161/8/2016Stacey J. Hawkins v. Robert N. Kilberg, P.A.Yes
1/11/20161/8/2016Azari Almutairi et al. v. The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, et al.No
1/8/20161/7/2016Kenneth L. Rollins, Jr. v. Rollins Trucking, LLC, et al.No
1/8/201612/31/2015Angela Royster v. Jeffrey R. Gahler, et al.No
1/8/201612/29/2015K & S Real Properties, Inc. v. Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing, Inc.No
1/8/201612/22/2015Securities and Exchange Commission v. Colonial Tidewater Realty Income Partners, LLC, et al.No
1/6/20169/17/2015Loretta E Lynch v. Under SealYes
1/5/201612/7/2015M.M. ex rel. J.M., et al. v. Renee A. Foose, et al.Yes
12/29/201512/29/2015US v. Edmundson - Amended Memorandum OpinionYes
12/23/201512/23/2015Thompson v. Wakefern Food Corp., et al.No