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Lengthy Documents

Excessively large documents, especially those that are scanned, may exceed the system’s per document capacity (30 megabytes). If you have a very large document (usually well over 100 pages in length*), create and file a Notice of Filing of Lengthy DocumentNotice of Filing of Lengthy Exhibit, or a substantially similar form. This notice serves as a placeholder for the document that cannot be electronically filed. Within 24 hours (not counting intervening weekends and legal holidays) you must file and serve the document in paper format along with:

  • a traditional Certificate of Service
  • a paper copy of the Notice of Filing of Lengthy Document 
  • a paper copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF)

In addition, the Clerk’s Office must receive the original of any document that cannot be electronically filed in the system. This version will be used as the official court record. The copy for the Clerk’s Office is in addition to any courtesy copy which you are required to provide to chambers.

*The 100 page limit is flexible. Depending on the contents of the document, type of scanner and software used, you may be able to electronically file longer documents. Many documents longer than 100 pages will be accepted by the system. If your document exceeds 30 megabytes, the system will display an error message.