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Pro Hac Vice Admission

Under Local Rule 101.1.b, out-of-state attorneys may be admitted pro hac vice to appear in cases pending in this Court.  With the exception of admission in sealed civil cases, applications;and payment for admission pro hac vice must be submitted electronically. Before filing a motion for admission pro hac vice, counsel must review Local Rule 101.1.b for the eligibility requirements for admission pro hac vice.  Admission pro hac vice is not available to any attorney who is a member of the Maryland Bar or maintains any law office in Maryland.


Upon satisfying the eligibility requirements, the proposed admittee should complete the Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice in Civil Cases form.  The proposed admittee and the movant-sponsor must either (1) affix an original signature to the motion or (2) electronically sign using /s/ and the petinent language for electronic signatures as provided for in the Electronic Case Filing Procedures Manual.  Failure to sign the motion in accordance with the Court's CM/ECF procedures will result in the Clerk's Office issuring a deficiency notice and will require counsel to refile the motion.

The movant-sponsor then files the completed Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice on CM/ECF using the event Pro Hac Vice under Civil and Motions Related Filings.  There is an admission fee of $100, which is paid through CM/ECF by credit/debit card or wire transfer at the time of filing the motion.  The Clerk's Office will then reviwe the motion for eligibility and contact the movant-sponsor if there is an issue.  Once the motion is granted, the proposed admittee will receive instructions for registering for CM/ECF.  Do not register for CM/ECF before your motion is granted.

Sealed Cases

When applying for admission pro hac vice in a sealed case, attorneys should complete the form as in a non-sealed case but may not file the motion electronically.  Instead, the completed form and admission fee should be mailed to: U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland Clerk’s Office, 101 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.  Approved attorneys will receive a separate email with instructions to register for CM/ECF.

    Fee Waiver

    The admission pro hac vice fee is waived for attorneys appearing in MDL cases; attorneys appearing as part of a pro bono case; and federal government attorneys appearing in their official capacity, representing a federal agency or official.