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Adding Parties

The next step is to enter the parties for your case. Do not enter any extra information, even if the system shows available text boxes.

Enter the parties in upper and lower case as appropriate. All information added on this screen will be viewable by the public.

The system will display the Search for a party screen. The left side of the screen allows you only to view the parties in the case. Using the right side of the screen, enter all parties in the case in sequential order as listed in the Complaint. All plaintiffs should be entered first, followed by all defendants.

Search for a Party

If the party is an individual, type the last name of the party.

If the party is a business or other entity, type the business name in the Last/Business Name field.

Do not enter information in the First Name or Middle Name field.

Click Search.

  • If a list of names appears and one is an exact match, click on that name and then click Select Party.
  • If no list appears or if there is no exact match, click Create New Party. In this example, the party search located only one option. We clicked on “Bank of the World” to select it and then clicked Select Party.

Social Security Cases: If you are representing a party in a Social Security case, you must also add the party called SSA Notify.

Note: Names of parties must be entered exactly as shown in the Complaint.

Updating or Creating a Party

The Party Information screen will be displayed. If you clicked Create New Party in the prior step, you must now enter the last name, first name, middle initial

  • Role - Be sure to select the correct role for the party, i.e., Plaintiff. Do not enter the party’s address or any other information on this screen. (If you added “SSA Notify” as a party for a Social Security case, select “Interested Party” as the role for SSA Notify). 
  • Pro Se - Do not change the designation 
  • Party text - This field will allow you to add descriptive information about the party that is being entered such as, “Individually a Maryland Corporation.” Do not add alias information such as, “Trading As,” “Doing Business As,” etc. in this field.

Click Add Party.

Repeat the above steps until all plaintiffs and defendants have been added to the case. Each time you click Add Party, party information will be added to the left side of the screen.  The following icons appear next to each party to allow for editing or deleting parties once added.

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