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A Notice of Appeal should be filed electronically as with any other document, but it should not be filed prior to a judgment being filed. Click Civil on the blue menu bar, then click Appeal Documents. It is not necessary to provide the Clerk’s Office with paper copies of the notice for service on the other parties.

The Notice of Electronic Filing constitutes the copy the Clerk’s Office is required to serve under Fed. R. App. P. 3(d).

Reminder: A Notice of Appeal cannot be filed until after the Judgment has been filed.


Payment of the appellate filing fee can be done through the website. See Instructions . If you do not pay online through, the fee must be remitted to the Clerk’s Office within 24 hours (excluding weekends, legal holidays, and days the Court is closed) of filing the Notice of Appeal.

If you are filing a Motion for Leave to Appeal in Forma Pauperis, it should be electronically filed immediately after filing the Notice of Appeal.


If you are appealing to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit or to the Federal Circuit, do not electronically file copies of your brief with this Court.

Briefs may be electronically filed with this Court only in cases where the appeal is to a district judge.