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Juror Information

Fraud Alert:  Please be aware, neither this court nor any other law enforcement agency will call to request the payment of a fine for failure to appear for jury duty.

Prospective jurors for the federal court are chosen from a jury pool generated by a random selection of citizens' names from lists of registered voters from each county in the state of Maryland. This selection method helps to ensure that jurors represent a fair cross section of the community.

The jury system is devised to yield just, fair results. Because a jury consists of multiple people from diverse backgrounds, it can arrive at a better verdict than can one person acting alone. Jury service is meaningful work. The decisions made by juries affect people's civil and property rights and right to freedom, or even to life. Justice depends on the quality of the jurors who serve. Although jury service may be inconvenient or even a bit of a burden; jury service is a duty of citizenship. 

We look forward to working with you on this important civic function and hope that you find your service to be a rewarding experience. If you have special requirements, or should you have further questions regarding your jury service, please contact a member of the jury staff at 1-866-277-3073 (toll free) or at