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Attorney Information

This section contains a number of resources for active and prospective attorneys seeking to practice in this Court.  Using the navigation panel on the left-hand side of this screen, please find information concerning how to apply, renew, or reactivate your membership to the bar of this Court.  Please also utilize our bar membership search to retrieve your bar membership information, including your bar number and date of admission.  You will also find forms and instructions regarding admission pro hac vice or for the entry of appearance in criminal cases and for government attorneys.  

For members of the bar, please review the instructions for submitting a change of name or address or to request a certificate of good standing.  You will also find information and resources concerning this Court's pro bono program.  Finally, members of the bar are encouraged to sign up for the Court's attorney notification system to receive useful information concerning upcoming court events, planned CM/ECF outages, and court closings due to inclement weather or holidays.