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Pro Bono Program

Pursuant to Local Rule 701.1, members of the bar agree to accept pro bono appointments by the Court to represent indigent parties in civil cases in this District unless the acceptance of such appointments is inconsistent with an attorney's professional employment obligations.  As such, attorneys are expected to serve as pro bono counsel if appointed.  

When applying to the bar, attorneys are permitted to select a preferred area of pro bono practice.  If this perferred area should change at any time, please fill out the Change of Pro Bono Preference form and email it to

Reimbursement of Expenses

When an attorney has been appointed to represent an indigent party in a civil case before this Court, that atttorney shall be allowed to petition the Court for reimbursement of certain expenses incurred in the preparation and presentation of the case, subject to certain regulations.  See Local Rules, Appendix C.   Counsel should complete the Request by Court-Appointed Counsel for Reimbursement of Expenses form and submit it to the presiding judge for approval.  Please see page two of the form for additional instructions.