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Post-Judgment Enforcement

Writs of Garnishment and Execution

The Court has several forms to assist parties with post-judgment enforcement.

The Administrative Ofice of the U.S. Courts has additional information about post-judgment enforcement, including the method of calculation of interest rates.  

Registration of Judgments

A judgment in an action for the recovery of money or property entered in any federal court of appeals, district court, bankruptcy court, or in the Court of International Trade may be registered in this Court by filing a certified copy of the judgment when the judgment has become final by appeal or expiration of the time for appeal or when ordered by the court that entered the judgment for good cause shown.

To register a judgment from another federal court, bring the certified judgment and completed Clerk's Certification of a Judgment to be Registered in Another Judicial District (AO 451) from the other federal court, along with the registration of a foreign judgment filing fee, to the Clerk's Office.

Registering a Judgment from this Court in Another District

To register a judgment from this Court in another federal district, obtain a certified copy of the judgment from the Clerk's Office.  There is a fee for preparing a certification.