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Interpreter Information

Contract Court Interpreters

This Court typically uses contract court interpreters to provide interpreter services during court proceedings. Through special delegation authority from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AO), and in accordance with program procedures for contracting for court interpreter services, the Court is required to establish contracts with contract court interpreters.  The complete terms and conditions, including fees, for Contract Court Interpreters are available on the U.S. Courts website at  Court interpreters must meet certain qualifications before being able to serve as contract court interpreters.  Additional information is also available on the U.S. Courts website.

Interpreters interested in establishing a contract with the District of Maryland should email the Court at


The AO also requires basic background checks and fingerprinting for interpreters.  Effective May 16, 2005, the policy required all federal courts to conduct mandatory background checks and/or investigations on all contractors, including interpreters.  The required investigation consists of an FBI fingerprint check only and is valid for two years.  

Fingerprints can be taken, with advance notice, by the Clerk’s Office Human Resources department.  Contact Tina Stavrou to schedule an appointment.  The fingerprints will be forwarded to the AO for processing.  You will be notified upon the completion of the investigation.

Requesting an Interpreter

Interpreter services are available to any party or witness in any proceeding instituted by the United States where "the judge determines that a party or a witness speaks only or primarily a language other than English or has a hearing impairment (whether or not suffering also from a speech impairment), so as to inhibit that person’s comprehension or communication in the proceeding." Guide to Judiciary Policy, vol. 5, ch. 2 § 210.10(a).  Counsel for the United States or the defendant may complete a request for an interpreter here

Other Interpreter related inquiries should be submitted to: for Baltimore Hearings, or for Greenbelt Hearings.