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Court Security

All courthouse visitors and belongings are subject to search upon entering the courthouse.  Visitors must go through metal detectors that are staffed by court security officers and belongings will be screened through x-ray machines. In order to ensure a speedy and efficient process, please adhere to the rules listed below.

  • No weapons of any type are allowed.

  • No knives, scissors or anything with a cutting edge may be brought into the building.

  • Cameras and electronic devices are only allowed to be used in certain areas .

  • Please remove your belt and any jewelry (including watches and large earrings) before proceeding through the metal detector.  In some cases, you may also be asked to remove your shoes. Place these items in your bags or place them in the trays provided by the court security officer before you go through the metal detector.  This will save you time and prevent you from having to be scanned a second time with a hand-held wand.

  • No aerosol containers, such as hair spray, shaving cream, etc., are permitted.

This procedure is done as a matter of safety.  It is not meant to harass or exclude anyone.  Cooperation is the key to maintaining a secure atmosphere for everyone in the building.