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Convert a Document to PDF

Before filing in CM/ECF, convert the document(s) to PDF format. The system will neither accept documents in WordPerfect nor Word format, and the system will not automatically convert such documents to PDF.

a. Converting a Word Document

If you are using Word 2007 or later, you can easily convert your Word document to PDF while in Word. If you are using an earlier version of Word, you must use the Adobe Acrobat application to convert your Word document.

1) Word 2016/Word 365

To convert to PDF format within Word:

a) Click on File in the toolbar and select Save As.

b) Navigate to where you would like to save the document.

c) From the upper right portion of the screen, enter the name of the file.

d) Using the drop-down list under the file name, select PDF (*.pdf).

e) Click the Save button to the right.

2) Word 2007 through Word 2013

To convert to PDF format within Word:

a) Click the Office button (the round button in upper, left corner of screen).

b) Select Save As.

c) Select Adobe PDF.

d) The Save Adobe PDF File As window opens. Type the name of the file and click Save.

3) Versions Prior to 2007

To convert the Word document to PDF format, the Adobe Acrobat application must be used.

a) Save and close the Word file.

b) Open Adobe Acrobat application.

c) Click on File in the toolbar and select Create PDF and then From File...

d) A navigation window opens. Navigate, if necessary, to the directory/folder where the Word document is stored.

e) Select the document and click the Open button.

f) A series of windows open as the document is converted. When the conversion is completed, the document is displayed in an Adobe Acrobat window. (Internal hyperlinks are typically automatically converted to hyperlinks.)

g) Close the Adobe file. Respond Yes to the save changes message and save the PDF document in the appropriate directory/file.

b. Converting a WordPerfect Document

1) Click File on the toolbar.

2) Select Publish to and then PDF or select Publish to PDF (the selection depends on the version of WordPerfect you are using).

3) Save the PDF document on your computer.