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Disclosure of Corporate Interest

Use the following instructions for filing a Disclosure of Corporate Interest, required under Local Rule 103.3.  

  1. Click Civil on the top menu bar.
  2. The system will display the Civil events screen. Click on Other Documents, then Local Rule 103.3 Disclosure Statement. Click Next.
  3. You will be prompted to enter the case number. Click Find This Case. If necessary, select the appropriate case number. Click Next.
  4. The system will now allow you to attach your Local Rule 103.3 statement. Please refer to Section III.A.8. if you need further instructions on how to attach a document.
  5. The system will display the Select Filer screen. Click on the name of the party on whose behalf you are filing the Local Rule 103.3 Disclosure Statement.
  6. A message will appear Add Corporate Parent and/or Corporate Affiliate(s). Click Next.
  7. On the “search for a corporate parent or other affiliate screen,” enter the corporate parent in the Last/Business name field. Click Search. This search screen will allow the user to search for the corporate parent or affiliate, or add a new one.
  8. If the party is not found in the database, click Create New Corporate Parent or Other Affiliate. Verify the spelling of your corporate parent and select the appropriate Type. Click Add corporate parent or other affiliate.
  9. After a corporate parent or affiliate has been selected, you will be prompted to select the party or parties to which the corporate parent or affiliate is to be linked. Select the correct party and click Next.
  10. You may add additional corporate parents and/or affiliates without limit. Repeat steps 7 through 9 for each corporate parent or other affiliate listed on your Local Rule 103.3 disclosure statement.
  11. When you have finished adding all of the corporate parents or other affiliates, click End corporate parent or other affiliate selection. The system will also show a preview of the previously added party.
  12. The system will display a verify case number screen. Click Next.
  13. Up to this point, no information has been entered into the system and no notice has been sent to any party. If you decide you do not wish to file the document, simply log out of the system. If you wish to change something, click on your browser’s Back button until you reach the point where you wish to make the change. However, if you are sure you want to file the document with the docket entry text displayed, click Next.