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Documents Filed in Error

Errors Found During the Quality Control Process

All documents filed by counsel will be reviewed by Clerk’s Office staff to ensure they were docketed correctly and they comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Local Rules of this Court.

If a document is incorrectly filed, you will be contacted by the Clerk’s Office and/or an electronic letter will be sent to the parties indicating the document was filed in error.

The link to the document will be reset so the document may only be accessed by court users, not by counsel or PACER users. The original docket entry will remain with a notation “FILED IN ERROR” noted at the beginning of the entry.

If you file a document in the wrong case, it is your responsibility to refile it in the correct case and contact the Clerk’s Office immediately to notify them of the error. If you electronically file a document in a case which is exempt from electronic filing, the link to the document will be reset so it cannot be accessed by non-court users. You are required to submit the original and appropriate number of paper copies within 48 hours.

In some cases a document will be marked as filed in error.  Documents are typically marked filed in error when the document should not have been filed with the Court (e.g., discovery materials including Rule 26(a) disclosures) or when there is an error with the document filed

Errors Reported by the Filing Party

If you notice you have made a mistake during filing, you should immediately contact the Clerk’s Office and ask for the case administrator handling the case. If circumstances warrant, the case administrator may temporarily reset the link to the document so it may only be accessed by court users, not by counsel or PACER users.

If you need assistance, please contact the case administrator for your case. Case administrators are assigned to cases based on the last digit of the case number.  Click here for a listing of case administrators by digit.

New Case Filing Error: If you erroneously file a new case or you begin but do not complete the process of filing a new case, please call the Clerk's Office immediately.