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Documents To Return Before You Start

Please complete and return these documents to the Human Resources department by the date indicated in the email.

AO 78 Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment  This form is reviewed by the Administrative Office to determine appropriate grade and salary placement, so full dates (mm/dd/yyyy) should be reflected in each section, including your high school graduation date.
W-4 Federal Tax Withholding Certificate  

State Tax Withholding Certificate

Maryland: MW 507 Maryland Withholding Certificate (indicate local jurisdiction) 

DC: D-4 DC Tax Withholding Certificate (you must update the form's FEIN according to the instructions)

Virginia: VA-4 Virginia Tax Withholding Certificate

Complete the State Withholding Certificate for the state in which you reside.

Note: You may change your federal or state tax withholding status at any time during the year. Also, if you will be moving prior to the start of your clerkship, please advise HR that you will submit these forms once you have secured a local address.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Instructions for Including a Digital Signature

You are required to present valid documentation with this form. If your appointment will be virtual, the documentation will need to be submitted to the HR department electronically. If your appointment will be in person, you will need to present it at that time.

Note: In most instances the US government cannot compensate persons who are not citizens of the United States; however, there are limited exceptions. If you are a non-citizen, contact the HR Department as soon as possible.

FMS 2231 Fast Start Direct Deposit Direct deposit by electronic funds transfer is required. For section 3, attach a voided check or contact the financial institution to obtain the routing and account numbers.
DD 214  Notice of Separation from Military Service (or other service verifying document) Only required if you have prior military service.
Transit Policy Review the policy and return a completed form if you will be using public transit.

Employee Parking Policy

Parking Enrollment Form

Baltimore Only - review the policy and return a signed copy of the Parking Enrollment Form
Confidentiality Statement Review the policy and return a signed copy.
Information Technology Policy Review the policy and return the acknowledgement form only.
Information Technology Security Awareness Training Read all of the training slides and return only the signed acknowledgement form on the last page.
Employee Emergency Contact Form All employees should provide emergency contact information and any pertinent medical information to ensure proper treatment in the event of an emergency.
Fingerprint and Background Check Policy All employees are required to undergo a fingerprint and records check. Review the policy and return the information sheet.
Adding Digital Signatures If you are unable to print sign and scan in a live signature, please use this guide to attach an authorized digital signature to your documents.
Sending Encrypted Files

If you would prefer to send your documents encrypted and are unsure how to, please use this guide to assist in the encryption process.