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Documents To Return Before You Start

Please complete and return these documents to Human Resources before your first day.

This form is reviewed by the Administrative Office to determine appropriate grade and salary placement, so full dates (mm/dd/yyyy) should be reflected. 

You are required to present valid documentation with this form within three business days of your start date. Bring these documents with you for your orientation with HR. 

Note: In most instances the US government cannot compensate persons who are not citizens of the United States; however, there are limited exceptions. If you are a non-citizen, contact the HR Department as soon as possible. 

All employees are required to undergo a fingerprint and records check. Review the policy and return the information sheet.

Review the policy and return the acknowledgement form. 

Review the policy and return a signed copy. 

All employees should provide emergency contact information and any pertinent medical information to ensure proper treatment in the event of an emergency. 

Note: You may change your federal or state tax withholding status at any time during the year.

Direct deposit by electronic funds transfer is required. For section 3, attach a voided check or contact the financial institution to obtain the routing and account numbers.

Review the policy and return a completed form if you will be using public transit.

Baltimore Only- review the policy and return a signed copy