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Query Menu

The Query option on the main menu bar in CM/ECF allows users to search for cases. To use this option, you must have a PACER account and be logged into CM/ECF using your PACER account. This will allow you access to PACER functions but not electronic filing. If you are already logged in as a CM/ECF user, when you click on Query you will be prompted to enter your PACER login and password. This will bring up the search screen.

You can search by case number, party or attorney name or a combination of a range of case filing dates, range of document filing dates, and type of case.

The Query menu includes a MDL Case Report query for searching multidistrict litigation cases. All cases associated with the same JPML (Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation) number as the target case will be listed, sorted by case type, (descending so md case type sorts before cv) and case number. When the MDL Case Report is run, the user can determine whether all MDL-related cases or only pending MDL-related cases should display.