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Utilities Menu

Clicking Utilities on the main menu bar allows you access to a number of functions.

A. Maintain Your Account

Under Local Rule 701.2, all members for the bar are required to maintain a current mailing address and email address with the Clerk's Office.  Additionally, attorneys appearing in any case are also required to mailing a current mailing address and email address with the Clerk's Office. See Local Rule 102.1.b.ii.  Attorneys can update and maintain their own contact information in CM/ECF.  See Updating Attorney Contact Information.

B. Login and Password

1. View Transaction Log

This function allows you to review all documents filed using your login and password during a specified period. It is an easy way to monitor your account to ensure that it is not used without your permission.

2. Change Your PACER Login

If you have a PACER account, this option will allow you to change your login. If you wish, you can make it correspond to your CM/ECF login.

C. Legal Research

This option allows you to access online medical and legal dictionaries and access Westlaw. This is a pre-packaged option that came with the system. The Court does not endorse any particular websites or online services.

D. Mailings

This function is a quick way to check to see which parties in a case are electronically noticed and which are not. It also allows you to generate addresses in a format which can be easily copied to label printing software.

Because service of documents is the filer’s ultimate responsibility, it is very important you ensure that all parties in a case who are entitled to notice actually receive it by checking to make sure they are electronically noticed, and if they are not registered for electronic noticing to serve them with a paper copy.