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Online Payments for Criminal Debt

You may make online payments for federal criminal debt only such as special assessments, fines and victim restitution.  Payments are made through the U.S. Treasury website,, using a checking account, savings account or a card (debit or pre-paid only).  All debit or credit card payments must be made on  The Clerk's Office does not take accept cash as payment.
If you will be making more than one payment or want to create a recurring payment based on a schedule of your choosing, you can save time by creating a account. You are not required to do so, however.
Please note:

  • This is for payment of Federal Court Criminal Debt only.
  • Tickets issued on Federal Property are different and are paid at the CVB website.
  • If you are paying a state ticket such as parking, speeding, and or any MVA affiliation, please call (800) 492-2656.  If these types of payments are made at the Federal level (on this website) we are required to hold payment for 120 days.  This could result in suspension of your license at the State level.  Please make sure you are paying the correct court.
  • Refunds from Pay.Gov must be requested here and forwarded to our finance department at the Clerk's Office. 

If you have questions about online payments, please call the Clerk's Office of the U.S. District Court at (410) 962-2613.

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