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1813 - 1855

For images of historic documents of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland not shown on this website, you may visit the Maryland State Archives website at and search the Court’s collection at MSA Accession Number MSA SC 5463 1-1, et seq.  Access the complete listing of historical documents available in the Maryland State Archives collection by clicking here.


Letter; James Monroe to the Marshal of the District Court of Maryland dated January 30, 1813.

The President Directors and Company of the Bank of the United States vs. Joseph Cresap, + Alexander Sanford, Edward McCarty Junr., November 13, 1821.

Writ of Habeas Corpus: Issued by Elias Glenn for Victor Diffry, June 13, 1827.


Certificate: appointment of Thomas Finley as US Marshal, District of Maryland, January 12, 1831.

John W. Thompson [v. Commander of Fort McHenry], May 8, 1832.

Oath: taken by Roger Brooke Taney on his appointment as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, March 28, 1836.  Roger Brooke Taney, Chief Justice 1836-1864.

Greenbury Thomas v. The Warden of Baltimore City and County Jail, March 9, 1842.

Mary Hooker (for John Wesley Hooker) v. Capt. Croghan Carr, September 9, 1846.

Benjamin Smith, next friend of Francis Smith v. The Commanding Officer at Fort McHenry, April 7, 1847.

William Coleman by his next friend David Wilson v. Capt. Adams, October 27, 1851.

The United States v.  The Warden of the Jail of Balto.  City County,  June 7, 1855.