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Creating Document Hyperlinks

CM/ECF users can file a document that includes a hyperlink to a previously filed document

  • in the same case.
  • in another case residing on the CM/ECF system where the filing is being entered.
  • on any other court’s CM/ECF system.

The hyperlink, as set by the filer, may link to the start of the document or to a specific page in the document. A filer can file a document that includes a hyperlink to a document that is being filed simultaneously (in the same docketing transaction) with the primary document. For example, a Memo in Support of Summary Judgment may have hyperlinks to the attached documents that are part of the same docketing transaction.

Any document that includes a hyperlink must also include a description of the standard citation to the hyperlinked material. The hyperlink is a convenience, not a citation replacement.

Users should not copy hyperlinks from the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF). The document hyperlinks in NEFs contain special information that allows them to provide one “free look” to qualified recipients of the NEF. Instead of copying hyperlinks in NEFs, users should run a report in CM/ECF, such as the Docket Report, and copy the document number hyperlink from the report.  Instructions for running a Docket Report may be found under Docket Sheet.

The following instructions explain how to create document hyperlinks: