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Patent Cases

Effective July 1, 2011, the Local Rules of this Court include new rules regarding patents (see Local Rules 801 – 807). The following events have been created in light of these amendments, with the appropriate rule number listed next to the related event:

  • Motion for Stay Pending Re-examination (L.R. 807)
  • Joint Claim Construction Statement (L.R. 805.1.f, L.R. 805.2.e, L.R. 805.3.e, L.R. 805.4)
  • Opening Brief (L.R. 805.1.g, L.R. 805.2.f, L.R. 805.3.f, L.R. 805.4)
  • Responsive Brief (L.R. 805.1.h, L.R. 805.2.g, L.R. 805.3.g, L.R. 805.4)