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To file a motion, follow the standard filing procedure.

You may file a multi-part motion, such as a motion to dismiss and a motion for summary judgment by selecting the events Dismiss and Summary Judgment. Each selected motion will appear in the Selected Events field. If you select the wrong motion, simply click on that motion in the Selected Events field to remove it.

Exhibits, memorandum in support, and proposed orders must be filed as attachments to the motion.

Special procedures where Local Rule 105.2.c applies:

  • The party filing the initial motion for summary judgment should follow the procedures set out above.
  • The party filing a cross motion and memorandum in support of its motion and in opposition to the initial motion should file the motion. Attach to it the memorandum. In the Description field, type in “memorandum in support of cross motion for summary judgment and in opposition to Plaintiff or Defendant’s motion for summary judgment” or similar language.
  • The party filing the initial motion should file its response/reply as a response to the cross motion.
  • If the party who filed the cross motion wishes to file a reply, it should be filed as a reply to response to motion.

Filing a motion will automatically trigger the setting of a 14-day deadline for filing a response. See Local Rule 105.2.a and Fed. R. Civ. P. 6. If a different deadline has been established by court order, it is the deadline in the order that controls.