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Problem: The System Prompts You to Enter Your PACER Login and Password

Explanation: Each Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) stating a document has been filed electronically contains a link to the document which you may use one time without charge to view, download, and/or print the document. If you click on that link and you are prompted to enter your login and password, it means that according to the system you have already had your one-time “free look.” Certain things will make the system act as if you have accessed the document when in fact, you have not.

Solution: To avoid this problem, do not forward an email notification to another email address, and do not open the email and close the NEF without using the link to view, download or print the document.

Problem: The Link to the Document in the NEF Does Not Work

Explanation: Frequently you will receive an NEF of docket activity, but you will be unable to link to a document. The most common reason for this is that there is no electronic document.  Many docket entries are made by this Court without either a paper or electronic document. Such entries include ones related to court proceedings, entries made to update case or party information, and marginal or paperless orders by a judge. Because the NEF is linked to the case management software, NEFs are also sent in cases that are exempt from electronic filing and there is no link to the document because it was filed in paper format.

Problem: The System Will Not Allow You to Attach a Document

Explanation: Occasionally you will try to attach a document, but when you click Next, you will receive the message: ERROR: Document is not a well-formed PDF document.  This means the system is not recognizing your document as a PDF.

Solution: First, check to make sure you did not accidentally attach a document in another format. Second, try going back to your word processing version of the document, convert it again, save it with a new name, and attempt to file it. If this does not work, the problem is most likely with your software and you will need to contact your technical support or the software company.

If you cannot resolve the problem before a filing deadline, you may want to print the document from your word processing program and scan it as a PDF. You also may bring a CD with the document on it in Word or WordPerfect format to the Clerk’s Office, convert it to PDF on one of the public terminals in the Clerk’s Office, and file it from there.  Unfortunately, court staff are unable to assist with document conversion.