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Fraud Alert: Fraudulent Subpoena Emails

Friday, February 19, 2021

The Clerk’s Office has received several reports of people receiving emails from someone purporting to be from the Federal Judiciary.  The email may be from an email address beginning with “districtcourt” and/or ending with ""  The email will include a fraudulent subpoena with a link directing the recipient to click to download more information.  The email may reference the case number: 09-2L-JRN-6LFNL2.

These emails are fraudulent and have no connection to the United States District Court.

This Court will never issue a subpoena to a member of the public by email.  The Clerk’s Office can confirm whether any valid subpoena has been issued by this Court. 

If anyone is contacted or has been contacted by someone in the manner described above, please do not open any attachments or click on any links and instead report the details of the incident to the FBI’s Maryland Field Office at (410) 265-8080.  Members of the public can also contact the Clerk’s Office at (410) 962-2600 or (301) 344-0660 to confirm whether a call or email they have received regarding a subpoena is valid.