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Notice of Fee Schedule Change

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1914(b), the Judicial Conference of the United States has approved the following fee increases, effective December 1, 2023:

Attorney Admissions Fees Old Amount New Amount
Duplicate Admission Certificate $20.00 $21.00
Certificate of Good Standing $20.00 $21.00
Copy Fees Old Amount New Amount
Exemplified Copy (triple seal)  $23.00 $24.00
Search for Judgments, Decrees, or Court Records and Certification of Result $32.00 $34.00

Audio Recording




Filing Fees Old Amount New Amount
Civil Action (including removals) $402.00 $405.00
Appeal from Magistrate Judge for Misdemeanor/Petty Offense Cases $39.00 $41.00
Filing of Any Papers in a Case Which is Not in this Court (Foreign Depositions, Letters Rogatory, Motion to Quash Grand Jury Subpoena, Paper by Trustee, Petition to perpetuate Testimony, Power of Attorney, Recording of Foreign Judgment, Appointment of Receiver) $49.00 $52.00


The complete schedule of fees is available on the court’s website at