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Notice Regarding Email Bounce Back Monitoring

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Clerk’s Office receives several thousand bounced back emails from the CM/ECF System on a monthly basis. A “bounce back” means that a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) was not delivered. A “bounce back” email occurs due to (1) counsel’s failure to keep a current email address on file, (2) the receiving computer system’s settings reject the NEF as spam, or (3) the receiving computer system does not maintain sufficient capacity to receive the transmitted NEF. Most of the bounce backs in this Court occur from inactive and disabled secondary emails attached to primary attorney accounts.

Under this Court’s Local Rule 102.1.b and its Electronic Filing Requirements and Procedures for Civil and Criminal Cases, counsel is responsible for maintaining current contact information, including a current and working email address, at all times. Counsel further agrees to maintain current information on file with the Clerk’s Office as a condition of using CM/ECF and maintaining an active bar membership status.

Due to the volume of bounce back emails and reductions in staff, the Clerk’s Office is no longer able to take action to correct email addresses or to contact counsel to take corrective action. The current practice of monitoring and correcting bounce back email will end on February 1, 2012.

The Clerk’s Office reminds counsel to check regularly the CM/ECF docket sheet for your cases and to insure your email system is correct and functioning properly.