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Certificate of Good Standing

Active members of this Court’s bar may request and pay for a certificate of good standing through our electronic filing system, CM/ECF, using the below instructions.  An electronic certificate of good standing will be emailed to you within five business days. All certificates are valid for ninety days from issuance.

Requesting a Certificate of Good Standing Through CM/ECF

1. Retrieve your bar number and bar status on our website under Bar Member Search.   Only members listed as active may obtain a certificate of good standing.  

Attorneys with other bar status should contact Attorney Services at

2. Log on to PACER.

3. Once in The District of Maryland's CM/ECF, click Civil, then from the category Court Events, select Certificate of Good Standing, and then select Request for Certif. of Good Standing. Click Next three times.

4. Enter your attorney bar number. Click Next.

5. Enter your full name. Click Next.

6. Enter the email address where you would like to receive the Certificate of Good Standing. Click Next.

7. Click Next to accept the $21 fee. You will be taken to the payment screen.

8. Complete the payment information on the screen as follows:

  • Option 1 – Pay Via Bank Account (ACH): Complete the form and click Continue with ACH Payment.
  • Option 2 – Pay Via Plastic Card: Complete the form and click Continue with Plastic Card Payment.
  • If you would like a confirmation, enter your email address.
  • Check the authorization box and click Submit Payment.

9. Click Next twice to accept that your credit or debit card has been charged.

10. Review the final docket text for accuracy. Click Next to complete the transaction.

If you do not receive your certificate by email within five business days, or if you have a problem completing your request in CM/ECF, please contact the Clerk’s Office either at